Injection Machinery



An extremely large and varied range of New & Rebuilt Injection machinery is available.    Contact our sales department with your enquiries


New100T Ton Vacuum Press fitted with  top transfer ram.




Specialised ram extruder for use in high precision electrical ceramics production.

Fully modernised and automated 120Ton Bipel Injection machine         

  • Fully rebuilt with sophisticated Electrics and Hydraulics.
  • Programmable clamp pressure and sequence.
  • Stroke and shot volume is programmable with variable pressure, position and volume.
  • Operator screen for control of process variables and tool recipe storage.
  • Machine status and alarms on screen.
  • Integrated Hydraulics is a leak free design with Low noise levels.
  • Semi-automatic or fully automatic control.
  • Platen types to suit your conditions
  • Suitable for use with rubber, plastics, metal powders, ceramics etc

  This is a specialised injection, extrusion and calendering machine for use within the medical industry.

This machine produces a sheet of active compound which is later cut out on a blanking machine and used in most of the UK's corn plaster production.


 Rebuilt 300Ton Injection Press for Rubber.

The press is fitted with 750mm square  heated platens  with  programmable pressure & position. The injection also has programmable, pressure,  position and volume.



Rebuilt Crowe (Combex)

Special extruder with gear pump and compounding head for precision blanking applications.


Contact our sales department for all your injection needs - this includes injection for rubber, plastics, metal powders, ceramics , composites and any special projects that you may have.