Mixers - New , Rebuilt & Used


New ,Used & Rebuilt Mixing equipment.

JBT are leaders in the supply and installation of mixers and mixing plant for use in many industries.

See our Lab section for Rebuilt and New Lab mixers -  in use at many leading UK establishments including RAPRA.

We have completed many projects including complete lines here in the UK and overseas. this includes the downstream equipment such as mills, calenders, extruders etc.

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11D During Rebuild


 Note:-  We also supply Drives , Control panels, Weigh feeders , Weigh conveyors and  ancillary equipment such as bale cutters, Hydraulic packs,  Rotacs etc.

 K4 Mixer  (Rebuilt)

Spares and Service   

we can supply spares or replacement parts for many mixers - this includes replacement rotors, bodies, and refurbishment of existing equipment where required.

Please note that our engineers are available to conduct  maintenance and service on your mixers including the drives and control equipment.

Please contact our service department for more details. .                                                   


11D Body



Refurbished 11d Mixer install


  • Installed at UK underlay Production plant.


Mixer on stillage

     11D During Rebuild at works 

End frames and Specs


Small S/S Lab Z Blade


New  world-leading lab mixers (BR) before and after




Contact our sales department for all your mixing needs - this includes mixers for plastics, composites and any special projects that you may have.