New and rebuilt extruders  -  Variable speed or fixed speed drives.

Hot - cold - Dump and ram extruders.

Gear pump or die outputs.

Specials eg.Pin barrel.

for rubber plastics and ceramics,

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    New 50T Ram extruder for ceramics           Ram extruder (Combex) for rubber.             

Siliocone extruder 75mm 3"                     


Rebuilt Single screw  jacketed 90mm and 60mm Extruders -

Fitted with var1able speed DC Drives + Heating and cooling



  .        Refurbished screw for NRM                                90mm NRM during rebuild



 Rebuilt by JBT in 2000 -  300mm single screw Dump extruder with Crammer feeds in use at Rubber play mat production facility in UK



Contact us with your requirements


 Contact us with your requirements - we have a stock of used extruders for both the Rubber and Plastics industries.

Contact us with your requirements