Press upgrades & Modification

JBT Engineering are recognized leaders in the Manufacture , re-manufacture - upgrade and service of presses.

It is often possible to re-use the frames and casting from an existing machine as the base for a rebuild. This represents a considerable saving in terms of cost and time. These frames and castings are very serviceable and will provide years of reliable service once refurbished.

We can modify and improve on the original design.

Why stay with 20 year old technology when we have the very latest in engineering and control solutions at our available ?

Add extra facilities such as run out tables, tool handling, automatic tool and cycle recipe systems - variable speed, pressure and positioning. Vaccum - multidaylight - heating and cooling - The machine can be tailored to your specific process requirements -  It is essential to consider a newer design with reduced downtime and greater efficiency if you wish to remain competitive in today economic climate. 

see below for some before and after pictures + Finished items using existing components.

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2500T Up StrokePress


BR Lab mixer - before and after 


300t Bipel Downstroke
250T B&T Upstroke Press
Barwell Preformer

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